Pretty makeovers for your most basic school supplies

Our buds at Jam Paper are getting into the back-to-school season! They grabbed a few of their favorite school supplies (this binder and this slide pencil case), and stuff we know you’ve got on hand: magazines, scissors, tape and glue. Talk about the easiest makeover ever!

Brilliant binder

Make sure to use a 1 inch clear binder, so that the pretty colored paper would show through. We lightly taped strips of Ultra Fuschia Brite Hue paper and Ultra Pink Brite Hue paper vertically along the inside cover of the binder. We cut an equal number of strips of Ultra Blue Brite Hue paper and weaved them horizontally through the pink strips. Once we finished weaving, we secured all the strips by gluing the edges down. Then we simply cut out cool letters from our magazines to spell out the course subject and glued them to the front of our binder. That’s it! Just a few simple steps using a few simple materials and our binder is ready for school. Finally, a reason to look forward to English class. 

Chic slider pencil case

Our slider plastic pencil case was initially green, but we wanted to give it a sleeker look. So we took some black linen paper and wrapped our pencil case like a gift. We cut out some pictures and words from our magazine collection and glued them on to create a collage. Of course, when we were finished, our newly designed case was too cool for pencils. So we filled it with some of our favorite makeup, candy, gum…all the essentials for a productive school day.

What other essentials for school are you gonna revamp? Tell us in the comments!


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by GL and Jam Paper | 2/1/2016
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