Does your teacher totally rock? These 5 gifts will let her know for sure...


If you didn’t know already, it's teacher appreciation week—which means it’s time to show some love for all the hard work and long hours your fave educators put in during the school year. If you haven’t gotten anything for your A+ teacher yet, here are a few things you can DIY in a snap to show them just how awesome they *really* are. Check ‘em out below!

  • gift1.jpg

    Mini garden in a jar

    How cute is this tiny little garden? It’s different than your typical teacher gift, and it’ll look fabulous on her desk. If you’ve got a green thumb, this DIY is totally for you.

    Get the how-to here:

  • gift2.jpg

    For the coffee lover

    If your teacher seems to always have a cuppa Joe on her desk, this is the perfect gift. It's super easy—all ya need is some cute ribbon and your best drawing skills (don’t worry—there’s also a free print out for the tag, just in case).

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  • gift3.jpg

    Chic chalk

    Add some personality to your teacher’s classroom with this adorable monogrammed chalkboard. This is actually surprisingly easy to make and the personalized vibe makes it seem oh-so-special.

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  • gift4.jpg

    Tote-ally cute

    Upgrade your teacher’s school bag with this quote tote. Not only is it inspiring, it can be used for pretty much anything, from groceries to school supplies and books—perfect for a busy day!

    Get the how-to here:

  • gift5.jpg

    Sparkly Apple Mug 

    If your teacher is always sippin’ on coffee or tea throughout the day, give them this stylish and sparkly apple-embellished mug. It's dishwasher safe and you can top it off by stuffing it with their favorite goodies!

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by Brittany Goers | 2/1/2016