Gallery-worthy wall art you can DIY


Ditch those boring walls and add some handmade gems to your personal space. These DIY art pieces seem to have just the right amount of pizazz your room needs. Plus, the cost for supplies falls under $10, easy. Sweet deal, right? Check out the coolest ones we found below.

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    Floral fun

    No need for sunlight and water with these funky flowers. Made out of construction paper, dahlia wreaths can be hung all over your walls as decoration. And hey, spring is in full your room should be, too! 

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    Lovely letters

    Monograms and ombré....say no more. All you need is a wooden letter, some colored yarn and craft glue. Personalize your room with a single a letter (or do your entire name). This DIY will make your room go from cool to seriously awesome in an instant.  

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    Baby you're a firework

    Don’t want to wait till July 4 for fireworks? Make your own version—in your room. This DIY will give your space a burst of pretty colors, plus, lets be honest...this wall abstract wall art situation is a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

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    Cute and contemporary 

    Modern art is so in. Instead of spending big bucks, make your own that all your friends will be totally jealy of. Nature makes some of the best art, so grab a branch, some yarn, and lets get to it.

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    Puzzle pieces

    Head to the dollar store or put your old puzzle with missing pieces to use. All you need is a canvas, a hot glue gun, and puzzle pieces in assorted colors. Stick to the DIY or get spunky and make your own design—take your pick!

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by Jossie Carbonare & Crystal Williams | 2/1/2016