Tips to take the *perfect* Instagram pic


Want that envy-worthy Instagram that you see from all your favorite celebs? Follow these rules to take your feed to the next level. Who knows, you might be the next famous IG star that everyone will be following.

1. Use the rule of thirds

A photo that is focused more to the left or right—instead of perfectly centered—is typically more interesting to the eye. If you check out some Instafamous bloggers, you'll notice they do this a lot. Try it out yourself to help keep your feed looking cool, unique and so #arsty.

2. Write a clever caption

You'll be sure to rack up the likes with a caption that's funny or creative. Use your head to think up a caption that fits perfectly with your photo and it’ll surely be a hit. Don't be afraid to get as punny as you like.

3. Pick the perfect filter

You want your photos to pop, so be sure to use a good filter. Apps like VSCO and Afterlight are always good to edit the lighting, contrast and colors on your photos depending on what look you like. Try not to go too crazy with the filters, though, because overfiltering a photo can take away from how cool it actually looks. And don't be afraid to ditch the filters entirely, too—sometimes minimalism means maximum likes.

4. Get the right lighting

The perfect lighting to showcase the subject of your picture is always important. Natural lighting typically works best—it can make your photo clearer and crisper than anything artificial. Brightening a photo can help sometimes too, but make sure not to wash it out over overexpose.

5. Mix it up

Take all different kinds of photos! Get a nice variety of portrait shots and landscape photos to keep your followers on their toes. Instead of flooding your feed with selfies, throw in some sunsets and food pics, too. Keep ‘em guessing if you want the followers to come back for more.

6. Don’t stress

Sometimes people can get a little too wrapped up in the 'gram, stressing about when to post and if the picture will get a lot of likes. So don’t get too worried about what you’re posting and when you’re posting it, just use Instagram however you want. After all, social media is supposed to be a fun way to share bits of your life. So you do you!

What Instagram tips do you swear by?


by Emmrick McCadden | 6/20/2016