5 DIY school supplies for the Starbucks obsessed

Every year, you and your mom take the dreaded trip to Target or Walmart to go school supply shopping. It's seems like you end up buying the same supplies every time and somehow you end up with the same notebook as everyone else. Ugh! All you want is for your school supplies to brighten your day and stand out from the rest. Well, if you're *totally* Starbucks obsessed like we are, watch the vid below to try out one of these themed DIY projects for the perfect pint-sized haul. 

What you'll need: 

1. Miniature Frap Keychain

- Clear portion cup
- Styrofoam ball
- Brown acrylic paint
- White and chocolate puffy paint 
- Paper clip
- Jump ring

2. Miniature Notebook 

- Mini red solo cup
- Glue
- Cardstock
- Paper
- Elmer's glue
- Hot glue
- Printables 

3. Mini Pen

- Sheet protector
- White puffy paint
- Iron
- Metal Ruler
- Glue
- Tide
- Ink from pen
- Green acrylic paint

4. Mini Bookmarks 

- Printable
- Clear package tape
- Green string
- Glue

5. Liquid Phone Case (Cotton Candy Frapp)

- Portion cup
- Sheet protector
- Hot glue
- Soap
- Pink acrylic paint

Once you have chosen your DIY and grabbed some supplies, check out this YouTube video by KimspiredDIY to find out how you can glam up your school year with Starbucks gear.  

Psst: To make the notebook you see in the main image above, click here

Which one of these yummy DIYs are you going to try? Let us know below! 


by Leah V. | 8/31/2017