DIYs to take your *basic* Halloween costume to the next level

If you're waiting until the last minute to figure out your Halloween costume, chances are you'll end up going back to a tried-and-true Halloween favorite that's easy to pull off. But instead of letting your busy schedule get the best of you, try these quick and easy DIYs to turn even the most standard (ahem, basic) Halloween costume into a creative masterpiece.

1. If you're thinking about donning animal ears and calling it a day:
Putting on some animal ears (bunny, mouse, cat, etc.) is probably the easiest and most classicly girl Halloween costume you could go for. And we totally encourage you to do this classic look this Halloween! But there are a few DIYs to make your costume creative and unique. 

Beanie Baby tag
Make your own tag and turn your animal costume into a fun throwback. The tag is instantly recognizable to all and takes your look from "I dug these animal ears out of my closet" to "Yeah, I have the most creative costume at the party." 

Fierce makeup
From cat to deer to giraffe to lion, this site has all the easy makeup tutorials you need to complete your look. Sure, you could draw on some eyeliner whiskers like everybody else, or you could get a pretty and sleek makeup look that you or a MUA in training?  

2. If you're pulling out the plaid and going as a scarecrow:
A woods-inspired Halloween look is probably one of the easiest and comfiest options, especially when you want to stay warm in cool fall weather. All you need to dress as a scarecrow this Halloween is a plaid shirt, some cute brown booties, overalls or jeans and a straw hat. To upgrade it, try adding to the costume with a few DIY pops. 

DIY sun hat
To keep your look cute and fresh, just get a simple straw hat like this one, and glue (or tape) on some synthetic flowers in fall colors like these. You can make this hat as simple or as big as you'd like.

Scarecrow makeup
This easy and cute scarecrow DIY takes your costume from "Oh, you're wearing plaid, are you a lumberjack?" to "What a cute scarecrow costume!" It can make worlds of difference. 

3. If mermaid leggings are sitting in your Amazon cart:
Mermaids are a classic and popular look with so many variations, from Ariel to a sea-witch, to a glamorous mermaid princess. Again, you could just order those leggings and call it a day, or you could craft some awesome additions to your look.

Mermaid crown
For this DIY, all you'll need is a plastic crown (you know, the ones from your princess dress ups), some silver pipe cleaners and shells. You can choose to go full glam and add the beads and stones like in the video, or you can keep it simple. Either way, you'll end up with a one-of-a-kind mermaid crown that you'll be excited to rock all Halloween.

Mermaid makeup
You may have seen your favorite beauty gurus try it out, but this makeup looks is definitely one of the most fun. Go crazy with glitter and colors (it is Halloween, after all). You'll need some fishnet tights to create the illusion of scales, as well as some purple, green or blue eyeshadow and of course, something sparkly.

Will you try a DIY Halloween look? Let us know in the comments!

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by Linda Horn | 10/25/2017