These DIYs will give your room all the fall feels

Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean there isn't a bountiful supply of fun fall-themed DIYs to tickle your fancy (there's still a full month of autumn left, after all!). Spice up your room with these sweet DIYs.

Fall Leaf Fairy Lights
Light up your room or house with this pretty fall lighting.

Pumpkin Planter
It wouldn’t be autumn without pumpkins. Use your green thumb to transform your squash into a sweet succulent garden.

Falling Leaf Wall Decor
Bring the outdoors inside with this wall hanging. Save time and money by using leaves from your backyard (your mom will thank you!).

PSL Candles
If you like pumpkin spice and everything nice in mason jars, you need this candle.

Sunflower Pendants
Hanging lanterns are so fun, so replace them with this sunflower power pendant, perf for decorating anywhere.

Dreamy Dreamcatchers
Channel your inner free spirit (and shoo away all those nightmares while you're at it) with a dreamcatcher.

Which fall DIY will you be trying? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest

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by Bella Torres | 11/3/2017