6 Christmas cards you should *definitely* make this season

Why buy cookie cutter holiday cards this season when you can make your own? Handmade Christmas cards are way more personal and add a special touch. You can say what's really on your heart and the cool design will have everyone impressed. And you don't have to be a crafting queen to make them. Try one of these cinchy card-making tutorials to pair with your prezzies this year.

Reindeer fingerprint cards
Give a card with a peronal touch (literally!) These cards are super easy to make and who ever recieves one will love the fun quirky print on the outside.  

Paint chip cards
You probably never thought those paint samples from Home Depot could make a cute Christmas card...but they can. Snag some samples the next time Dad drags you to the store for a (basically) free DIY.

Jeweled ornaments
You put ornaments on your tree, but why not put them on your cards, too? Instead of having to draw them you can use craft gems for a super sparkly sentiment. 

Holiday shaker card
If you really want to wow your friends and fam, try making a shaker card. It's part card, part snow globe.  

Gold Christmas tree card
The holidays are the perf time to break out *all* the glitz and glam. Cards included.

Which holiday card is your favorite? Tell us below!


by Lauren McMillan | 11/10/2017