Make your locker stand out with these fab DIYs

Finally, after years of carrying around your books, you've gotten a locker to keep them in. Only, the paint is peeling and there's a strange smell coming from inside. Lockers, while perfectly usable for storing your things, are often not the most aesthetically pleasing. But a few simple DIY additions can take your locker from ew to too cute. Read on for our roundup of some of the most fabulous locker DIYs on the web.

French Fry Pencil Holder

If there's a cuter way to store your pencils, we haven't seen it. You can find the simple four-step tutorial here—and as always, be careful with the glue gun. Totally okay to ask a parent to help with that part!

Washi-Tape Book Organizer

Because textbooks and folders can get crumpled (and lost!) if stacked on top of each other, these trendy cereal-box organizers are the way to keep things neat and tidy. Just make sure your locker is big enough to fit a cereal box, and craft away!

DIY Locker Rug

You'll find this locker rug on the inside of every character's locker on your fave tv shows. More for looks than function, the rug adds a much-needed pop of color and mad cozy vibes to your chilly metal locker. Warning: sewing knowledge required.

Superhero Magnets

From your schedule to pics of your friends and fam, there are plenty of things you'd like to hang up in your locker...only tape doesn't stick and you aren't allowed to use glue that might damage the paint. The best option? Magnets. And with Marvel and DC being all the rage lately, these superhero magnets are bound to attract some attention.

Dictionary Magnets

If you're more of a wordy gal, these one-of-a-kind dictionary magnets are for you. Not only will they help you prep for an upcoming test, but they look majorly upscale. People will be asking where you bought them.

Customizable Whiteboards

Not only are you saving paper by using a whiteboard, but you can shake up the colors and patterns of the background on a whim. All you need is a picture frame to get started with this easy DIY.

How do you decorate your locker? Let us know in the comments below!


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/22/2019