Fun tie-dye masks to add some color to your quarantine

A returning trend that is on everyone's minds this summer is tie-dye! Why not spice up your quarantine masks and make *cute* tie-dye ones?

The way you make these masks is very simple and you only need a few materials to make them. First, you will need a plain white face mask and a tie-dye kit of your choice.

Add some flair to your mask by using multiple colors or just use one to create a one-of-a-kind lewk. Don't forget to add elastic string to your mask so you can make quarantine as fashionable as possible. Totally chic!

Step 1: Hit up your local art supply store or order on Amazon to search for supplies to make your tie-dye mask. 

Step 2: Find a white cloth that measures large enough to cover the bottom half of your face. (Or, just order a plain white mask and skip to Step 6.) 

Step 3: Find elastic string and an assortment of rainbow colors of your choosing! You will just need to add water to apply the colors to your cloth. 

Step 4: Make sure you grab a handful of rubber bands so you can create some unique designs that are totally cute.

Step 5: Cut your mask into a shape that will fit around your mouth and nose. 

Step 6: Twist your mask into a ball and tie rubber bands around the cloth in a funky pattern. 

Step 7: Apply tie-dye colors to different sections of the cloth. 

Step 8: Let your cloth sit for 6-8 hours so it can dry. 

Step 9: Untie your cloth from the rubber bands and give your mask a wash to allow the colors to set in. Apply elastic string to the two sides of the mask through tiny cut holes. 

Step 10: Voila! Your *amazing* tie-dye mask is ready to be seen! 

There you have it! You will be stuntin' in your new tie-dye mask. Not only is a tie-dye mask a fun accessory to wear, but they are also so much fun to make during your free time. Get ready to slay in your new, colorful tie-dye face mask!


by Mara Greenberg | 7/27/2020