How to start a traveling friendship journal


If you're feeling a little disconnected from your besties lately, you're not alone. The pandemic has made us all feel isolated from our gal pals. While it might be hard to get together in person, a traveling friendship journal is a creative and totally safe way to stay in touch with your friends in the new year. Not to mention that the trend has been *all* over TikTok lately.


the journal me & my best friends started! now it’s headed to the next person :) #artistsoftiktok #bookclub #art #penpal #journaling #besties #fyp

♬ Hey Lover by The Daughters Of Eve - Maisy

If you've ever seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, you've probably yearned for a similar pair of jeans that you could pass around to your own group of friends. It might be a *little* tricky to find a magic pair of pants, but you can still channel your inner Bridget, Carmen, Lena and Tibby with a plain old journal.

To start, grab an empty journal and start decorating the cover. You can have each person add a few designs when they receive the journal or have your resident artist BFF lead the process. Write all your names on the front, glue on some inspirational pictures and even paint on it. The sky's the limit.


Because my friends from college and I are stuck in different states. We made a “sisterhood of the traveling journal”. Stay connected friends! #fyp

♬ Coffee for Your Head - Vinyll

Then it's time to fill 'er up. Set up a schedule for passing around the journal—maybe each person has it for two weeks and then mails it to the next friend. When it's your turn with the journal, write about anything and everything! You could doodle some cute sketches, ask your besties fun questions, make a collage or just ramble about life. The journal should be a safe space for everyone to share their life's happenings.


Need some journaling inspo? Try out these fun prompts!

1. Have everyone write about their favorite friendship memory with the group.

2. Create a collage that matches the aesthetic of each person in the group.

3. Make a custom playlist for each of your friends.

If you start a traveling friendship journal, film a flip-through and tag us on TikTok @girlslifemag!


by Kathleen O'Neill | 1/2/2021