4 cute candle crafts to make for your room

Ready to revamp your room with the coolest decor? If you're feelin' crafty and want to light up your space with some ah-mazing smelling candles, we've compiled 5 DIYs that are fun to make and sure to look fab in your room. Just remember: When working with hot wax, be sure to have a parent assist you with some steps!

Twisted candles


If you're Pinterest-obsessed like we are, you've probably seen these twisted candles all over your homepage. They're aesthetic, simple and really only require warm water and a taper candle that you can find at any local craft supply store. Plus, they serve as the cutest decor for a desk or shelf in your room.

To try this tutorial by Pretty Life Girls, here's what you need:
+ Taper candle
+ Hot water
+ Rolling pin or mason jar

Sea shell candles


POV: You just came back from beach day with your besties and collected a few seaside treasures. Lucky for you, you can now put those hidden gems to good use with this fun DIY. Transform your shells into candles that'll totally teleport you to a dreamy tropical getaway. 

To try this tutorial by Yes Missy Lifestyle Blog, here's what you need:
+ Standard tea lights
+ Decorative sea shells
+ Essential oils
+ Glass container
+ Large pot

Floral candles 


We just found the most gorgeous way to personalize your study space even more. These botanical candles use dried flowers to make the prettiest works of art.

To try this tutorial by Hello Nest, here's what you need:
+ Dried, pressed flowers
+ Paraffin wax
+ Soy wax (optional)
+ Cotton wicks
+ Clothespins or chopsticks
+ Essential oils
+ 8 oz glass/see-through container
+ Narrow glass container with straight sides (should fit in the 8 oz container with a bit of breathing space)

Crystal candles


If you want to bring good energy into your space, these crystal candles are a beautiful addition. The best part? You can use crystals with specific properties and meanings that you personally connect with. Try rose quartz for love, jade for wisdom and amethyst to ease your mind.

To try this tutorial by Jojotastic, here's what you need:
+ Wide-mouth vessel
+ Soy wax
+ Essential oils
+ Wicks
+ Crystals

Bubble Candles


On the simpler side, these bubble candles are easier to make than you may think. They're minimalistic, elegant and *super* trendy. Plus, since they use silicone molds, you can try this DIY with all sorts of shapes and sizes.

To try this tutorial by Alice & Lois, here's what you need:
+ Soy wax
+ Bubble candle silicone molds
+ Wax dye
+ Stainless steel pitcher
+ Saucepan
+ Bamboo Skewers
+ Wicks

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by Madison Yee | 9/30/2022