How to craft the cutest invitations to your Halloween party

Halloween is just around the corner (yay!) and you know what that means: costumes, candy and pumpkin-flavored everything. Ofc, t's time to start planning your annual ~to die for~ party! Here's everything you need to make some seriously adorbs invitations to get you and your besties excited for the upcoming Halloween bash.


Michael's, $9

First thing's first—you'll definitely need paper. You can find packs of Halloween paper like this one at any craft store. We love a variety pack. (Jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and candy corn? Yes, pls!) Bonus tip: If any of the patterns are *too* busy, cut out a smaller piece of plain paper and layer it on top to leave a perfect spooky-themed border. This way, all your party deets will be totally easy to read!


Staples, $12

You've been meticulously planning this party for weeks, which means there are tons of deets you need to share with your guests: time, place and don't forget—costumes *are* required! You're going to need some markers to write this all down. Orange and purple are our go-to choices for a Halloween invite, natch, but definitely take into account your party theme when choosing a color scheme.

Glitter Glue

Target, $5

Glitter makes everything better. Glitter glue is particularly easy to use and much less messy than regular glitter, which is ah-mazing. Use it to outline any writing or create sparkly borders. Whatever you do with it, glitter can take your invites from good to... well, ~scarily~ good.


Amazon, $8

Once you've written out all the important info your guests need to know and given your glitter glue time to dry, you can elevate your invite with a festive ribbon. You can use hot glue to secure a bow to the invitation itself, or add some elegance and tie a bow around the envelope. Bonus tip: Any left over ribbon you have can be used to tie up party favors!


Michael's, $3

Confetti makes for an amazing finishing touch! Just sprinkle some inside the invite or envelope. No need for glue or anything—when your guests open the invitation, they'll be surprised with some tiny pumpkin cutouts falling around them. Adorable!

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by Melanie Dowling | 10/7/2022