Fun Flash: The Low-Down on Digital Cameras

With spring dances here and summer right around the corner, there are tonsa photo-worthy opps. Be ready to capture everything in the coolest ways possible and then present them prettily.
Here are some of the hottest picks around that are worth pinchin’ your pennies!

I <3 Instant
Can’t wait another sec hang your pics on your wall?  Don’t worry: instant cameras are back!  They aren’t digital, but their film lets you snap a pic and hold it right in your hands. They even made an appearance in Lady Gaga’s latest vid. Hot!

Bright Eyes
Put some serious funk in your photo routine with a groovy flasher. This one has plenty of megapixels and is customer-approved.  Capturing all your moments never looked so good.

Polaroid Digital Camera, $95,

Once you take your photos, you gotta make sure you display them in style. Sure, slappin’ them up on your mirror or tagging all your buds on Facebook works just fine, but here are two new ways to make those photos work for you.  You’ll wanna keep these around all year long.

Stay Unique, Shutter Bug
A hanging mobile is a totally whimsical way to decorate with your photos.  The curvy wires are super-stylish and it’s completely customizable – you just clip the pix onto the mobile, so you can change them whenever you feel like it.

Hanging Photo Clip, $12,

A Novel Idea
Oh man, this antique-lookin’ book is a sweet way to store your snaps and will seriously encourage you to get those digi pics printed. Place it somewhere visible in your room so you can flip through your memories whenever ya want.

Vintage Camera Photo Album, $10,

Have a Vitrual Picnik
Love playing around with photos? You’ll dig the enhancing options on It’s super easy and can make your work look extra cool. Love that.

By: Lauren Carney


4/9/2010 3:37:00 PM
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