5 last-minute DIY costume ideas

Still need something extra fab to rock tonight? Skip the stressin’: We’ve got five rad costume ideas you can whip up in five min. flat. Let’s just call it our Halloween treat to you. Happy haunting!


Peace and love

Go back in time to the ‘60s and be a new kind of hippie! Follow these steps below to create your own boho babe look. Don’t forget to hold up a peace sign with your fingers when you’re ringin’ those doorbells!

1. Take an old tie-dyed T-shirt or DIY one with our quick tips.

2. Take a sharpie or fabric paint and draw a large peace sign in the center of your shirt.

3. Fringe the bottom of the shirt by cutting 3-inch strips on the bottom hem.

4. Take an old pair of jeans (preferably flares) and draw flowers and peace signs on ’em with the Sharpie.

5. Tie a pretty ribbon across your forehead.

6. Braid 3 brown ropes or ribbons together and rock ’em as a belt.

7. Weave couple bitty braids in your locks.

8. Finally, rock a pair of brown sandals (add bright socks if your feet are freezing!)


Be your own hero

You and all of your friends can be your own super hero just with the first letter of your names! Follow these steps below to create a cute look you can fly into your neighborhood with!

1. Take a plain t-shirt and write the first letter of your name on it (large enough for everyone in the neighborhood to see!)

2. Wear a pair of ah-dorable colorful leggings.

3. Take a bright bed sheet and cut it into a cape. To wear, knot the ends around your neck, or pin them to the shoulders of your shirt.  

4. Add the same letter on the front of your shirt to the back of your cape.

5. Create a faux eye mask with face paint or glitter (or both!)

6. Wear either your fave flats or tennis shoes to complete the look.


Cowgirl chic

Be a cowgirl this year with clothes you def already have in your closet! Follow the steps below to get the complete cowgirl get-up, lasso not included.

1. Wear your very best flannel shirt and roll up the sleeves to give it a Western feel.

2. Rock your fave denim shorts, skirt or jeans, and cuff the hems.

3. Add on a large brown buckled belt and your go-to cowgirl boots.

4. Plait your hair in two low braids with and tie off. Bonus: Add an awesome cowgirl hat!


The black cat

Super last-minute Halloween costume? This one is purrfect for you! Follow the steps below to create a quick and easy black cat costume. Meow!

1. Pull on a pair of black leggings and a black t-shirt.

2. Rock your fave black boots.

3. Create a quick cat ear headband by hot gluing felt triangles to a plastic headband.

4. Using black eyeliner, trace whiskers from your nose out to your cheeks and color in the tip of your nose.

5. Draw “cat eyes” with black liquid or gel liner (snag our how-to).

6. Pile your hair in a cute top knot, and attach a ribbon or black sash to the back of the waistband of your leggings for a makeshift tail.


Warrior child

With beads, feathers and braids, we’ve put together a Pocahontas get-up that anyone can make. Don’t forget a bow and arrow!

1. Rock a simple cotton dress in a neutral color or an extra-large t-shirt with leggings underneath.

2. Cut slits from the bottom to make fringe.

3. Snag a bag of plastic beads and add three beads to each fringe and tie a knot at the end to secure.

4. A brown suede or red cord makes for a handy belt around your waist. Add more beads or tie on feathers if possible.

5. Wear a brown cloth headband across your forehead with feathers glued on it

6. Braid hair in two braids and tuck in feathers to your hair ties.

7. With face paint or eyeliner, draw black or red war paint lines on your cheeks.

8. Wear your fave mocs, suede fringe boots or even a pair of Uggs will work.

9. Tie a couple pieces of ripped cloth around your upper arms for the last finishing touch.

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by Mailyse Ferber | 2/1/2016
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