6 handbags every girl should own

Overwhelmed by all the bag choices out there, and don’t know where to start looking? We hear ya, girl. Figuring out what makes a good, functional bag collection can be tough. It’s definitely a fine line between having all the right bags all the time, and having a pile of purses that don’t seem to fit any occasion. With these tips in mind, though, you’ll be well on your way to the perfect set of handbags in no time. Find our pretty purse picks (both thrifty and spendy!) below.
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    Back to black

    As a rule of thumb, you should always keep your wardrobe in mind when making a purse purchase – especially if you’re looking into bags for everyday. That trendy orange satchel looks so tempting on the rack, but yeah, it might not end up working out so well if you’ve got a closet full of reds and pinks.

    You can never really go wrong with the basics, though, so set about securing a nice black or other neutral-hued purse for daytime use. We promise you: it’s probably the greatest thing you can do for yourself on the bag front.


    Buckled Faux Leather Cross-body, $16,
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    Back to black

    Austin Small Flap, $98,

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    In your clutches

    Sleek and chic, a well-paired clutch is always appropriate for any nighttime event. Best of all? This is one type of formalwear that will never go out of fashion, so go ahead and invest. Use a metallic or beaded beauty to elevate a dressy look, while keeping a few simpler styles on hand to grab on your way to the door for a casual night out with the girls.


    Gallington Clutch, $35,

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    In your clutches

    Metallic Envelope Clutch, $47,

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    For nights when you simply don’t want to have to worry about carrying anything around, substitute your clutch for a stylish cross-body bag. Always keep at least one of these around for just this purpose. The best night-out cross-bodies are small (about the size of a clutch) with a thin strap.


    Studded Envelope Cross-body, $28,

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    Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy Cross-body Bag, $198,

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    Travel tote

    Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking cute. These roomy totes are perfect to stash all the odds and ends necessary for a plane, train or car trip. Tip: It helps to have a bright or distinctive bag, especially for traveling via public transportation. Something sturdy with leather handles (it might be a bit pricier, but worth it!) will have ya jetsetting in style for a long while.


    Finesse Ahead of Schedule Tote, $65,

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    Travel tote

    Steve Madden Antigua Shopper, $78,

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    Wallet to watch

    You may not consider your wallet as something worth putting too much thought into, but the truth is, it’s probably one of the most important keepers a girl could own – and not just because it holds all your cash! Think about it: other bags get switch out based on the occasion, but your wallet goes everywhere with you. Luckily, there are plenty of adorable options to choose from.  


    Fl-owl-er Power Wallet, $28,

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    Wallet to watch

    Key-Per Wristlet, $40,

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    Casual carryall

    For days when packing for a sleepover or a beach trip are the biggest of your bag issues, a roomy and laid-back canvas knapsack is all you could ever want. Fun, but not fussy – that’s our motto.


    Chinle Backpack, $25,

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    Casual carryall
    Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent -- Printed Patchwork Shopper, $85,

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by Florence Noorinejad | 2/1/2016
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