15 cute 'n' tricked-out phone cases

We spend a lot of time staring at our phone screens, whether it’s texting, Instagramming or reading your fave mag online (wink!). But the rest of our phone deserves a li’l attention, too. Send a message with these cute ‘n’ tricked-out cases. 

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  • 1phonecase.jpg

    All together now

    Let’s be real: your phone’s going wherever you go. So why not cut down on the bulk? Pass on the purses and save space with two-in-one wallet or wristlet cases.

    iPhone 4 wallet, $17,

  • 2phonecase.jpg

    All together now


    BOOSTCASE iPhone 5 Wallet Case, $40,

  • 3phonecase.jpg

    All together now


    Chambray Hearts Phone Wallet, $6,

  • 4phonecase.jpg

    Calling all critters

    OK, so maybe you can’t stash Buddy in your backpack and tote him to school. But these oh-so-presh cases might just be the next cutest thing.

    Fox Phone Case, $8,

  • 5phonecase.jpg

    Calling all critters


    Bunny Ear Phone Case, $6,

  • 6phonecase.jpg

    Calling all critters


    UO Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone Case, $16,

  • 7phonecase.jpg

    Game changer

    Pause that game of Angry Birds. It’s time to kick it old school. Flip your phone over for a time waster that won’t smudge your screen or drain your battery.

    Maze iPhone 5 Case, $30,

  • 8phonecase.jpg

    Game changer


    Blue/Green PureGear GROOVY Retro Gamer Case, $19,

  • 9phonecase.jpg

    Game changer


    PureGear Retro Game Case, $18,

  • 10phonecase.jpg

    Glamorize your gadget

    Smart phones can never have enough flash. Dial up the drama with jewels, glitter and bows.

    Skulls & Stones Phone Case, $11,

  • 11phonecase.jpg

    Glamorize your gadget


    Blue Glitter Iphone4 Case, $17,

  • 12phonecase.jpg

    Glamorize your gadget


    Standout Bow Phone Case, $9,

  • 13phonecase.jpg

    Best Friend Fones

    Don’t just connect with your bestie, coordinate with her. Just imagine all the matching phone case #selfies. Adorbs!

    BFF 2pk iPhone Case, $15,

  • 14phonecase.jpg

    Best Friend Fones


    Besties iPhone 4/4s Case – Set of 2, $25,

  • 15phonecase.jpg

    Best Friend Fones


    Best Friends Infinity Two Case Set, $23,

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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016