5 super cute (and eco-friendly) school supplies to buy now

Pay attention, smarties: If you are concerned about our earth, why not stock up on eco-friendly school supplies? Packing your bookbag with items that not only help the environment but also look chic? That's an easy A in our book.

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    Cute tote

    We love BAGGU for their simple, stylish and light bags that fold up into a pocket-sized square. This reusable bag means you can stow your stuff from gym or practice and also use it on the weekend to squeeze in some snacks at the store. No more plastic bags!

    Standard BAGGU, $9,

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    Pencil perfect

    Pretty pencils that don’t smell like harmful chemicals? Score. This cute set is good for both you and Mother Earth!

    Eco Dry Highlighters 5 pack, $13,

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    Flower child

    Snag an adorable (handmade) pencil case made from organic and recycled cotton to stash all your writing instruments, calculator and ever-necessary lip gloss.

    Patchwork Daisy print Pencil Case, $7,

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    Haute H2O

    Be prepared for long school days with your own reusable water bottle. Those plastic bottles from the vending machine take ages to decompose—you’ll be keeping your share of landfill waste to a minimum, all while staying hydrated.

    Sierra Tumbler Hot Pink 24oz, $7,

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    Nifty notes

    Journaling for Creative Writing, or jotting down verb conjugations in French? Stock up on super sweet recycled notebooks that’ll make studying that much more pleasant.

    Red Robin journal, $10,

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by Sooyoung Yoo | 2/1/2016