Wall art: 5 ways to decorate your room with photos


Making your room super cozy starts with your walls. Change up the mood by adding photos of people, places and things that inspire you. Here are 5 pretty ways to decorate your walls with your favorite pictures. 


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    Get that holiday feeling

    A DIY photo garland is a good way to bring some holiday cheer to your bedroom. Frame your photos with colorful cardstock, then tape them on a piece of twine or ribbon. Try hanging it over your desk.

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    Washi-tape frames

    This is the easiest and cheapest way to decorate your wall with photos. Find bright and patterned Washi tape (we’re sure they’re rolling around your room already) and then just tape your photos to the wall and add a tape frame around each one. Love this vintage look.

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    Cozy clothespins

    Photo junkie? If you’ve got piles of pictures, hang few strings on your wall and then pin your memories with clothespins. Add in a row or two of stringlights to make a statement behind your bed. Or attach clothespins decorated with tape or painted pretty colors (try nailpolish!).

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    Go Simple

    Not feeling super creative? We love this heart photo corner that’s a breeze to tack up. All you need is tape and a little time.

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    Frame it

    Of course, we can’t leave out the gallery wall. Frames are always classic—mix and match cool ones (try yard sales) with prints, drawings and your fave photos. It’s amazing to uncover the unexpected harmony among your picks.

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by Sooyoung Yoo | 2/1/2016