DIY jewelry display ideas


We’ve got too-cute DIY ideas to display all your jewels. Now, there’s really no reason your necklaces should be tangled and your earrings should be missing their matches—get it together, girl! 


  • 1_corkboard.jpg

    Cute cork

    This sparkly DIY literally takes seconds to make. Paint a thin layer of glitter glue over a corkboard. When dry, attach your necklaces with colorful thumbtacks. FYI, statement necklaces look especially great on corkboard. No need for art on your walls anymore; let the beauty of your necklaces shine. If they’re good enough for your neck, they’re definitely good enough for your wall.

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  • 2_twig.jpg

    Natural necklaces

    Go green with this nature-inspired, environmentally friendly DIY. Drape your cutest necklaces over a basic twig (find one in your backyard). Wrap the ends of the twig in twine and then hang it from a nail on your bedroom wall. In a matter of minutes, your necklaces will be tangle-free and your room will have a haute hippie vibe.

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  • 3_ringholder.jpg

    Fab frame

    Rings can be such a pain—you can’t beautifully hang them like you can necklaces, you can’t wrap them around anything because they’re so tiny, and if you put them in a bowl (pretty much the only other display alternative) you don’t get to show them off. Here’s a better option: Buy a funky-cute frame at a thrift store or yard sale. Then, roll up pieces of felt, hot glue them to a piece of cardboard, and place inside the frame. Stick your rings in between the pieces of felt and display the frame on your vanity or hang on your wall—finally, a place to show off that bling!

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  • 4_rake.jpg

    Rad rake

    Are you a country girl at heart? Bring the barn to your bedroom with this quick DIY. Do your ‘rents have old rakes in the storage shed out back that they never use? Ask their permission to use those rusty rakes for a fun and funky DIY. Ask one of your parents to break the handle off the rake (you may need a saw if the handle is thick), and attach to your bedroom wall. Then, hang your necklaces off the spikes. You’ll have a rustic and rad necklace holder that’s country-cute.

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  • 5_lacejewelryholder.jpg

    Lovely lace

    Check out this antique-inspired gem, perfect for the girly-girl obsessed with all things feminine. First, find a pretty frame (vintage or vintage-looking always looks AMAZE). Next, attach strips of lace from one side to another. The holes in the lace are perfect size for hanging earrings, and you can even hang some lightweight necklaces from the lace too! This lovely lace jewelry display is sure to impress your besties.

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  • 6_bottleholder.jpg

    Bottled bracelets 

    Can we talk about how adorable these bottle bracelet holders are? Save some old soda bottles and stack your bracelets around them. The more bracelets you have, the cuter they look! Advantage: Now you have an excuse to buy more bangles—You. Are. Welcome.

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by Melanie White | 2/1/2016