We're obsessing over this rad soy candle DIY


Candle making has been on our DIY list for a while, so obvi our craftin' radar went up when we came across this soy candle DIY from Something Turquoise. They're seriously cool, super easy to make, and once you get the hang of the process, you've got a go-to gift at your fingertips for all your BFFs. So, you ready to melt some wax and make your own? Here's how...
What you’ll need:
*Makes 7 candles 
  • 1 lb of soy wax flakes 
  • 1 box of wax colorant
  • 1 bag of beads
  • Candle pouring pot 
  • 7 wicks and wick stickums (popsicle sticks work, too)
  • 7 wick holder sticks
  • A wooden spoon
  • 7oz of scented oil (1oz per candle) *optional*
  • 7 pint sized mason jars

*All these items can be purchased at your local craft store

What you’ll do:


Step 1: Wipe the inside of all the mason jars and set them to the side. 

Step 2: Grab your wick and smooth it out. Then take the stickum and apply it to the bottom of your wick.

Step 3: Stick the wick in the center of the mason jar as best you can and secure with the wick holders.

Step 4: In a pot over low heat, melt your wax, stirring continuously. 


NOTE: Do not let the wax boil.  

Step 5: Add your scent and color of choice and slowly stir them into your wax. To get your candles smelling right, add 1oz of fragrance to 1 pound of wax. 



Step 6: Take your candle mix off the heat and let cool for 30 min (the consistency should look like a slurpee)


Step 7: Pour the mixture into your mason jars and let sit for 24 hours. 



Step 8: Trim the wicks to ½ inch and you've got yourself homemade candles! 

What scent and color are you going to try first? Share in the comments below.



by Anna-Maria Hand | 2/1/2016