Up your beauty game with this DIY magnetic makeup board

If you're like us, your makeup bag is a huge mess—finding the shadow you want is basically impossible, and you're pretty sure anthropologists could analyze the layers of broken beauty products chilling at the bottom. It's time to say goodbye to the beauty bag!
This uber-chic magnetic makeup board is truly your biggest beauty lifesaver. It organizes your extensive makeup collection and keeps all of your best products in one place. Plus, it doubles as a stylish décor accent to your bedroom too. A win-win all around!

What You’ll Need:

A Magnetic Sheet (They are sold in a variety of sizes, so pick the one that will best accommodate your makeup stash)

A Pretty Fabric 

Super Glue or Craft Glue 

Picture Frame (One that fits the magnetic sheet)

Magnets that can be individually cut 


1. Cover the magnetic sheet with your desired fabric. 

2. Cut the ends allowing for it to properly fit and cover the sheet. Then, glue the fabric onto the sheet using your craft glue.

3. Next up, remove the glass layer from your picture frame, swapping the glass for the magnetic board.

4. Insert the fabric covered magnetic sheet into the frame. It should fit properly and be completely secure.

5. Cut the other magnets to correspond with the size of each makeup product. 

6. Glue these magnets individually onto the backs of the products, and place them onto the board!

Kiss those runaway lip glosses goodbye for good!

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by Rachel Dooley | 2/1/2016