Cheer Up Any Winter Day!

Forget about the cold and the post-holiday blues (they can happen to even the best of us!). Instead, fill your world with simple, inexpensive ways to smile, like colorful manis and oh-so-gorgeous flowers.
We’ve got proven ways to make you feel amazing, even on the grayest of days.

Indulge in Aromatherapy
Certain smells can make ya happy, so use them to break out in a smile. Rose, citrus and bergamot are some popular feel-good fragrances. Here’s how to make ‘em work for you!

Ya don’t have to buy fresh-cut roses every day to get a whiff of florals. Splash your face with rose water in the  morning for a refresher. Aaahh.
Triple Rose Water, $25,

Strong citruses, like lemon, have some seriously sunny powers. Bliss’s Lemon + Sage Body Butter is way indulgent. Use it post-shower to soften hands and feet. Don’t wanna splurge? Cut up lemon and cucumber slices and throw them in your water for a spa-worthy sipper.

 Lemon + Sage Body Butter, $12,

Burn an aromatherapy candle while you’re chillin’ in your room. It’ll lift your spirits and calm ya down for a second.

Become a milk maid
Fat free and low fat milk contain vitamin D, which actually help boost your mood. Splash it on your cereal, sip moo juice with lunch and opt for the occasional pudding for as a post-dinner treat. 

Throw a just-because party, and serve a delish dessert (that has plenty o’ milk!) to your girls Take inspiration from Kristen Y.’s trifle recipe and whip up a creamy treat. Instead of using orange food coloring, substitute it for red to create a pink confection. Skip the candy corn and decorate it with your fave candies.

Channel the Rainbow
Certain colors, like blue, green and orange, have a positive effect on your vibe. Here are some easy ways to brightening your world:

Paint on a sky-blue mani! You’ll get a boost every time you look at your hands. Polka dots make it extra funsy.

Delia’s Nail Polish, $5,

Try making a tie-dye tapestry in your fave cheery tints. Follow our instructions for tie-dyeing, but substitute pieces of white fabric instead of a t-shirt. When they’re dry, hang them around your room for some color therapy.

Get crafty! Use your origami skills to make bright paper cranes (take a book outta the library or Google to learn how) or any other cool shape you like. Hang them from your ceiling like stars to create a canopy of hot hues. 

Be a green girl
Growing plants can bring a jolt of joy to your winter. Plant some of your fave veggies in a soil-filled pot and put them in a sunny corner of your house. Hate vegetables? Go to a nursery or the floral section of a grocery store and ask what they recommend for growing indoors in your area. Or, nab a paperwhite kit, which are easy to grow and look elegant in the winter.

Paperwhites, $6,

Take action outside!
When all else fails, just bundle up and go outside. A dose of sunshine is sure to make you feel better (apply SPF!). Sure it might be cold, but the fresh air is invigorating.

Got snow? Take a cue from artist and photographer Katie Sokoler of the blog Color Me Katie, and fill spray bottles with a few drops of food coloring and water. Then, take it outside and paint the snow in your fave hues. Don’t forget to take snaps of  your cool creations.

When you get back inside, have a hot chocolate and defrost from a trip to the Arctic. Blast away those blues, babe!
-Liz Roberts


1/15/2010 7:00:00 AM