Old Hollywood Horror Party

Vamp it up this Halloween with oodles of glam and a touch of grim.


Hollywood Walk of Fame Invites

Cut five-pointed stars out of yellow cardstock, one for each guest. Paste them onto black construction paper and write each girl’s name across the top in capitol letters using a gold pen. Write the who, what, where and when along the edges of the star. Send ‘em in the mail if possible to create a fun, middle-of-the-week surprise for your BFFs. What  could be better than an invitation to Hollywood?


Dress Up

Costumes and coordinating hair and makeup are a must for this glamazon party. Think Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn, and Joan Crawford. Have your mom pull your hair up into an elegant twist or set it in big hot rollers for tonsa volume. Draw on cat-wing eyes and bright red lips. Extra points for faux lashes!


To stay true to the spirit of Halloween, “deaden” up your look with heavy white powder, dripping fake blood, scars and gashes, black eyes and other gory details.



Really roll out the red carpet for you guests with a length of scarlet velvet. Chic crepe paper in white and gold is a nice touch, as are tablecloths on all of yours tables. Add in pumpkins, faux spiders and rats, but keep it tasteful, of course! To set the mood, play movie soundtracks in the background.


Play Who Am I?

Before the party, write out the names of popular celebrities of the past on index cards. When you’re ready to plan, have each guest stick a card to their forehead without looking at it. A hint of masking tape folded over should do. As you go around the room, each girl will ask questions to discover her identity. For even more fun, time how long it takes everyone. The fastest gal gets a prize!



Gobble up elegant twists on party classics. Rework pigs in a blanket with delish sausage—chicken or turkey is a healthier choice than pork or beef—wrapped in crescent roll dough. Bake for about 15 minutes or until crispy and golden.


For nibbles, offer up a popcorn bar and let your guests choose their snack du jour. Go for movie-style butter, sweet kettle and dreamy chocolate-covered. Make the chocolate-covered popcorn in advance since it really ought to harden in the refrigerator. All ya have to do is pop and salt your corn, then melt the chocolate of choice in a double-boiler (heat-proof bowl set inside a pot on the stove containing boiling water; don’t let the water touch your bowl). Place the popcorn in a single layer on a wax paper-covered cookie sheet and pour the chocolate on top. Drizzle or drench to your heart’s delight, then chill in the fridge until the chocolate sets.



Mix cranberry and pomegranate juice with ginger ale to create a sparkling blood punch. Serve in an old-school punch bowl with some (plastic) champagne flutes standing by for a high-class nod to parties of old.




Turn your party into a sleepover with a roster of classic horror movies. Choose flicks like Night of the Living Dead, Frankenstein and the Hitchcock thriller North by Northwest.


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016