Have a prom-tastic sleepover!

Disney’s new flick Prom hits theaters April 29, and we are all kinds of excited for it. Even if your turn to go to the big dance is years away, you can still celebrate with your girls by having a prom-themed sleepover. GL’s got the low-down on how to make your next slumber party a night to remember.

You’re invited…
The first step is getting the word out to all your girlies. Take a cue from true prom invites and keep yours simple and elegant. Cut small rectangles of cardstock and write out the deets in pretty cursive. Or make your invites on the computer by typing up the info on half-sheets in a fancy font. For the finishing touch, decorate with glitter and star stickers, a classic prom theme.

Turn up the tunes
One of the most important parts of prom, of course, is the music. Even if dancing isn’t on your slumber party agenda, a fun playlist will get your girls pumped for all you have planned. Skip the slow songs (no boys allowed, right?), and go for poppy, upbeat tunes. Think “More” by Usher, “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, and “Not Your Birthday” by Allstar Weekend (from the Disney Prom soundtrack, natch). PJ dance party, anyone?

Snack time
Prom food is all about the quick-and-easy so people can munch and march back to the dance floor. That works just as well for a sleepover. Serve up trays of finger food – store-bought cookies and pretzels are traditional prom fare, but you can also make some stellar homemade nosh. We love these recipes for Rice Krispy treats, mini peanut butter cups and hummus with veggies. Fruity punch served up in a big bowl is so prom-perfect.

Beauty break
Half the fun of prom? Getting gorge for the big night. Sure, you may not need to dress up or fix your ‘do for a girls’ night in, but you can still have some glam fun with mani-pedis. Pull out all your supplies – nail polish, remover, files, lotions, etc. – and ask your girls to bring theirs, too. For some extra-special treatment, make this simple sweet sugar scrub to pamper and prep your tootsies – ahh-mazing. Wanna jazz up your tips? Try using nail decals, which you can find at any beauty supply store.

Use your prom-agination
Fess up: You’ve been dreaming about what your prom night is going to be like. Craft your prom future with a good ‘ol game of MASH. Instead of houses and husbands, list out the important parts of prom night – date, dress color, dinner spot. Another option? Make a list of Q’s for a game of Would You Rather? Try everything from the cute (go as a group with the Glee cast or as a date with Taylor Lautner?) to the cringe-worthy (spill spaghetti on your dress or suffer a limo breakdown?). Get ready to giggle the night away!

A Hollywood ending
Finish off the night with a few prom-themed movies. There are sooo many to choose from, but here are a few of our faves…

High School Musical 3 – Another Disney flick, the East High Wildcats hit the stage to create a rockin’ prom night, complete with song and dance.
Never Been Kissed – A journalist played by the lovely Drew Barrymore heads back to high school to get the perfect prom night she never had.
Pretty in Pink – An 80s classic filled with cliques, romance, and (of course) a pink prom dress.

Drive Me Crazy – Former childhood friends pair up for the big dance to make their love interests jealous, and major drama ensues.

She’s All That – A silly-fun rom-com where the high school hottie bets that he can turn a nerdy chick into the prom queen.


by Marie Hansen | 2/1/2016