Go wild for the World Cup!

Whether you’re a long-time soccer fan or a newcomer to the World Cup frenzy, it’s never too late to get in on the fun. Team USA will be facing off against Japan’s best female soccer players Sunday afternoon. Where will you be?


Show your true colors

Invite your guests over for an early lunch and crafting session. Ask them to bring a plain white t-shirt, and lay out an array of fabric markers. Place cardboard inside the tee so your markers won’t bleed from front to back or vice-versa, and get to work. Do it up right in your fave team’s colors. You can even write your numero-uno player’s name on the back along with her number. 


Kick-butt bites

Whether you’re cheering on the U.S. or Japan, take your munchies from ordinary to extraordinary by amping up the regional flavor. We’re thinking a grill ‘em up cookout or teriyaki chicken on skewers. Yum!


Shoot out

Get your game on before the players hit the field. Grab a soccer ball and host a quick scrimmage with your sweeties. It’s an easy way to work some exercise into your weekend, and it’ll be totally fun when you’re facing off against your friends. Take it up a notch with a girls-vs-guys game.


Highlight reel

Before you flick on the game, pull out your computer and watch some highlights of team USA’s and team Japan’s last games. From ah-mazing goals to penalty kick showdowns, we love seeing the great plays that have brought us to the final game of the tournament.


Game time!

Pull out noisemakers and pompoms for the kick-off, then get ready to cheer your hearts out! Sure, they might not be able to hear you, but here at GL, we’re pretty big believers in karma. So put out the good vibes, keep those fingers crossed—and your eyes glued to the screen. Goooooooaaaaal!



by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016