5 fab end-of-summer party ideas

Summer is almost over and everyone’s gettin’ back into BTS mode. Before you have to hit the books, throw one last bash for you and your buds! Here are five fantastic party ideas that are sure to be a success.


Backyard potluck

Invited all your gals to come over for an outdoor cookout. You can supply the drinks (try making a yummy fruit juice!) and man the grill, and have your friends bring their favorite dish. It will be fun to see what everyone makes and it will definitely be delish!


Hawaiian luau

Nothing is more fun than a themed party! Since it’s still summertime, throw a Hawaiian themed luau. Decorate your backyard with tiki torches and light them when it gets dark. Grill some burgers and dogs on the grill, and hand out leis when your guests arrive.


Cool campout

Wanna know how to send the summer out with a bang? Pitch some tents in the backyard and invite your girlies over for a fun night under the stars. Stay up late telling scary stories and roast yummy marshmallows over the fire. Don’t forget the bug spray!


Who am I?

Dig into your Halloween costume box a few months early with a bedecked bash. Ask your buds to choose a famous person to be there party alias. They should arrive in costume, and spend the evening in character. Bring out sparkling drinks and dessert to toast your late-night big reveal.


Fantastic fiesta

Short of the latest Lady Gaga hit, there’s nothin’ like salsa music to get your guests up and boogieing. Grab a couple of Latin music CDs, put on a swishy skirt and start shaking those hips! A DIY taco buffet will feed even the pickiest eater. Think fresh salsa, Mexican blend shredded cheese, shredded lettuce and a variety of grilled veggies and meats. For dessert? Fruity ice pops!


by Katie Baker and Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016