7 rules for a holiday party that rocks

Whether you’re getting’ down for Labor Day or planning a Halloween bash already, snag our secrets to success. We’ve compiled our best-yet rules for a memorable party that’ll have your guests begging to come back next year to do it all over again. What are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!


1. Get your invites out early

An impromptu party has its perks, but when the holidays come around—Labor Day, Halloween, New Year’s, we’re lookin’ at you—it pays to plan ahead. Book your buds way in advance so that they don’t make other plans while you’re still waffling about hosting your tree-decorating party this weekend or next weekend.


2. Don’t get stuck on planning the party of the season

If you approach your bash with the idea that you have to top your frenemy’s Fourth of July blowout, then you’re not going to have any fun. Focus on your party, not on how it measures up to someone else’s. A good party isn’t about how much money you spend or if the cool kids show up. It’s about how much fun you and your guests have had at the end of the night.


3. Ask for help!

Party planning is tough work! Don’t feel guilty about bringing your bestie on board as co-hostess. You two can divide the responsibilities and the final bill, and have a blast being totally fabulous together. What’s bad about that?


4. Think thematically

Not every party has to have a traditional theme—think luau, monster mash, ‘80s dance-off. But even if your shindig is of the backyard cookout variety, you do need to give yourself some sort of limitations, be it with the color scheme or the type of food you’re offering. Nobody wants to see clashing red and green when it’s not Christmas, and nobody’s gonna dig into your taco-and-BBQ-rib buffet. Make some choices and stick with ‘em.


5. Know your guests

Maybe your buds are typically shy, or perhaps one chica has a food allergy. Plot these out ahead of time and figure out who you can introduce your wallflower to, and what your allergic lady can safely eat. That way, everyone will be happy and having fun.


6. Pump up the tunes

What makes a good party great? Fantabulous music that gets ya singin’ and dancin’. Pop your favorites into a playlist that’s way longer than your planned party time…just in case. For bonus points, as your guests to include a song choice with their RSVP so everybody can bop along to their favorite jams.


7. Always ask Mom and Dad

Don’t be the babe that throws a bash the night her ‘rents go out of town. It never ends well, and frankly, the risks are far greater than the potential rewards. Yeah, you might have fun, but you might also totally shred your parents’ trust in you, and that has repercussions. Wait ‘til M&D have OK’ed your event, and then go wild, OK?


What’s your number-one party rule?

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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