Green goddess slumber party

As spring heats up, so does your social calendar! To find some time to unwind without losing a second of fun with your sistahs, pencil this sleepover into your so-busy schedule. A DIY spa day? Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about!


Invite your crew

Save paper by sending your pals an E-vite or setting up a private Facebook event for your slumber party. Ask them to bring comfy lounge clothes, sleeping bags and pillows.


Spa bar

Set out a variety of spa necessities out on a long table—think cucumbers, homemade scrubs and masks, mashed avocado and essential oils. Set out a few lightly scented candles—lavender, mmm!—and get ready to chill out, chica.


Sip this

Try this super refreshing juice on for size. Before your party, peel four or five big cucumbers, cut off the ends and slice into chunks. Then toss in food processor for a few minutes. Pour the pulpy mixture into a strainer set over a bowl and use a spatula to smush out all the juice. Toss the pulp. Now, pour the juice into a pitcher with 100 percent cranberry juice to taste and refrigerate. Before serving, mix with some fresh club soda to give it some fizz.


Tunes to relax to

Find your happy place with a mellow playlist packed with quieter crooners than Katy Perry and company. We’re loving Norah Jones, Diane Birch, Duffy and Missy Higgins. For a more classical soundtrack, try movie scores. Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings and The Importance of Being Earnest alternate tuneful tracks with quirkier numbers.


Awesome activities

Steam facial: Soak hand towels or washcloths in really hot water. Ring them out and then place over your face. Feels so good.

DIY it: Snap up some plain eye masks at a craft store or make your own. Glam ‘em up with sequins, rhinestones and puff paint artwork.

Get your om on: Pop in a yoga DVD and see if you can manage tree pose.

Back to nature: Take a stroll through a park, take a load of by a lake or go for an easy hike. You’ll feel recharged when it’s time to head home.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016