Host your best Halloween party yet!

Bobbin’ for apples was so your mother’s Halloween party. Shake things up by incorporating all the latest trends into your bash and watch it go from freaky to fabulous. But you’ll need to do more than trade “Monster Mash” for mash-ups at your big bash to keep your guests talking till Christmas. We’re here with plenty of Pinspiration to show you how.

Step 1: Décor

It wouldn’t be a Halloween Party without pumpkins, but we’re not talking plain ol’ Jack-O-Lanterns here! Quit the carving and head to your local craft store for glitter, pushpins, and lacy fabrics to create these totally trendy decorations.   
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Finally, a glitzy and girlie take! Glam up your pumpkins by brushing on craft glue then covering them in glitter. Don’t forget to put newspaper down first, so the glitter doesn’t end up everywhere!
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Elegance with an edge! All you need to do is paint your pumpkin white and push in pushpins following a swirling pattern like this, or create your own. Try outlining your pattern in pencil first so your design turns out more even more fab.
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Who doesn’t love lace? Cut the feet off a pair of patterned or lacy tights, wrap your pumpkin in em and they’ll be just as trendy as you are. Plus, this time of year Marshalls and TJ Maxx always have Betsey Johnson 3-packs in the sock aisle. Score!


Step 2: Food

Think beyond fun-size candy and caramel apples and try these terrifyingly tasty treats instead.
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Cupcakes are the fashionable favorite for dessert, so they’re def a must for your party.

Use red icing to create red zigzags on top of a white-frosted red velvet cupcake. Place a circular gummy candy on top of the cupcake using white frosting to secure, then dip a small doughnut hole in melted white chocolate or icing. Place it on top of the gummy candy for the eye and use icing to attach a small chocolate candy to the top of a doughnut hole for the pupil.


Candy Corn Parfait
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This treat is almost too cute to eat! Get together one box of instant chocolate pudding, one box of French vanilla pudding, Cocoa Puffs, whipped cream, candy corn, yellow gel color, orange gel color and Halloween-themed sprinkles. Divide the French vanilla pudding into two batches and dye one half yellow and one half orange. Layer it up parfait-style and top with candy corn plus sprinkles. Sweet!

Step 3: Favors

Forget buying party favors and make your own instead. Try these fun goodie bags to give out to your ghoulish guests.



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Use festively colored sprinkles and food dye to make your own chocolate covered pretzels. Wrap ’em up and tie with a creepily cute bow, like this skull print grosgrain. 

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Break up pieces of this festive “bark” into mini party buckets you can find at any craft or party store for an original take-home goodie. To make the bark, place crushed Oreos and pretzels and candy corn on a tray. Pour melted white chocolate all over and finish with sprinkles. Then, all you have to do is let it chill in the fridge.

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by Jennifer Shelton | 2/1/2016