Swank up your Sunday with an Oscar viewing party

{related]The Oscars are right around the corner, and we want you to have the most fun and fabulous Sunday ever. From food ideas to party-playlists, we've got everything you need to throw the most sought-after Oscar viewing party in the neighborhood. Here's how to win your very own Oscar for "Best Party Host." Snaps to you, sister!

Serve stellar finger-foods

You can't throw a successful party without some munchies up for grabs. Fine-dine like the celebs by serving easy to prepare apps, such as deviled eggs, tomato-basil skewers and guacamole. They're super simple and oh-so delicious.

Turn up the tunes

Get the party started early by encouraging a pre-show dance party feat. Oscar-nominated songs. Popular tunes like "Happy" from Despicable Me 2 and "Let It Go" from Frozen are amongst the nominees, and are bound to have you and your friends up on your feet.

Cast your votes

Although your last-minute votes won't necessarily matter, it'd be fun for you and your besties to play a little game where you each guess who will walk away with an Oscar, right? Round up the troops and play a fun-loving game that'll have you feeling like you're at the award show firsthand. Even better - DIY your own Oscar to give to whomever gets the most guesses correct.

Fancify your space

Black and gold are two colors that come to mind when we think of the Oscars. So, why not swank up your space by adding some black and gold accents. Streamers and balloons are cute and cheap options that are also easy to clean up. Score!

Set up a virtual viewing party

A few of your friends said that they couldn't make it to your party - bummer! No worries, babes, we have a quick and simple solution: bust out your computer and set up a virtual viewing party. Basically, gab with your pals about the award show even though they're not in the same room as you are. Apps like Skype and iChat can be downloaded from the internet in minutes.

Plan for party poopers

Not everyone enjoys watching the Oscars—so what? If someone is beyond bored by the awards show halfway through, make sure you have other activities planned. For example, have a couple of board games on-hand. That way, everyone will enjoy themselves regardless of what they're doing.


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by Jillian Terry | 2/1/2016