4 ways to give your Saturday sleepovers a makeover

Your weekly slumber parties are your respite from a crazy week at school. But lately, they’ve been feeling a little…ordinary. It’s not that you’re bored—how could you bored with your besties?—it’s just that you keep doing the same exact thing, week after week. Yawn.

Itching to mix up your weekend ritual? We’ve got just the thing. Here are four fantastic ways to freshen up your weekly sleepover. Get to it, girl friend!

Pick a theme

The problem: The current theme of your weekly sleepover is…”Saturday Night Sleepover.” It was fun for the first few years, but now that you’re on your zillionth fun fest, it’s time for a refresher.

The solution: Give each week a different oddball theme. Choose from decades, countries, foods, movies, songs—nothing is off limits. An example: Throw a mystery bash. Do a scavenger hunt, bake cupcakes with surprise fillings, play Jenga Truth or Dare and watch original Scooby Doo episodes while you giggle, gossip and fall asleep in your sleeping bags.

Trading spaces

The problem: Every week, your sweeties invade your bedroom. Meaning you have to clean it up every Saturday morning…then tidy again when they head home on Sunday. And your parents, well, they love your friends but they’re getting a little sick of being woken up at 3 a.m. by your antics.

The solution: Alternate hosting your slumber party at different houses. Check with your parents and put each sistah on the schedule, making sure to ask far in advance to plan around dates that aren’t lookin’ so hot for a certain family—think birthdays, guests in town, business trips and the like.

Round robin

The problem: It seems like some sweeties to everything when it comes to your parties, while other gals just get to show up at the appointed hour.

The solution: It’s time to divide up the responsibilities, and switch off every week so ya don’t get into a rut. Make one babe in charge of snacks, another in charge of activities, another in charge of movies, another in charge of hosting, etc. Then swap out next week, and the week after, and—well, you get the idea.

Hat trick

The problem: It’s the same thing every sleepover: No one can come up with anything you all want to do. So…you don’t do anything other than sit around and talk. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but, uh, you want to mix it up.

The solution: At your next slumber party, grab a hat (shoe box, bag—something empty that can hold stuff), a pile of notebook paper and some pens. Tear the paper into strips, and ask everyone to write down an activity on each slip of paper. Toss them in the hat, and during every sleepover, pull one out and presto! Instant activity.

How do you keep your regular slumber parties fun? Tell us your best tips in the comments!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016