Throw a backyard movie night for friends and family

Now that Mr. Sun is sticking around longer—and warming up even the moon-filled nights—we’re psyched to spend the evenings in the great outdoors. What could be better than wiling away the hours watching movies under the stars? Yep. We thought so.

Easy peasy invites

For one-off gatherings to celebrate certain events (think: birthdays, graduation, great grades), consider handing out DIYed cardstock invitations. Cut out stars or filming states and neatly write out all the info, including a number to text, call or email an RSVP—after all, you’ve gotta know how many people to plan for!

Planning a larger party, or one that’ll reconvene throughout the summer months? A Facebook group is a great way to keep everyone informed about dates, times and movie titles. You can also ask others to bring their own bites or a potluck dish, to mix up the offerings and keep the cost down for you and your family.

Cinchy set-up

All you really need to get this party started is a white wall or a bed sheet or white drop cloth hung on wire, fence or clothesline; and a projector. We like this pick from Sourcingbay. It’s a little pricey up front at about $65, but it’s designed to be easy to use with a USB connector that’ll hook right up to your laptop. Stream a DVD you already have (or have Redboxed), Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu—anything!

On the menu

Keep the food easy. We love the idea of going for traditional movie bites, like hotdogs or corndogs, nachos and—of course!—popcorn. Try setting up a popcorn bar loaded with toppings like herbs, flavored salts, butter and seasonings. And of course, you’ve gotta have the movie candy your partygoers crave. Add a line on your RSVP to take requests, or stockpile a bunch of classics.

Movie time!

Time for the main event: the movie, of course! If you’re going all summer long, try choosing a theme, like chick flicks, French films or movies from the ‘80s. Planning a one-night-only show? Go with a childhood favorite you haven’t seen in a zillion years or a laugh-out-loud comedy none of your buds were able to see in theaters.


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016