DIY decorations for the most tropical bash ever

What better way is there to celebrate warm weather and school ending than with a luau themed party? Check out these DIY decorations to transform your party into a tropical island that everyone will want to jet off to for their next vacay.

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    Invitation in a bottle

    What you’ll need: 

    • Small glass bottles
    • Drink umbrellas
    • Cork
    • Seashells
    • Sand
    • Other small, beach-themed trinkets
    • Invitation

    What you’ll do:

    1. Create your invitation on the computer, print it out, and roll it up into a scroll.

    2. Fill your small glass bottles with sand, a colorful drink umbrella, shells, and other small beachy trinkets like buttons shaped like sunglasses. 

    3. Place your invitation in the bottle and plug it with a cork. 

    4. Drop your invites in your friend’s mailboxes and you’ll be one step closer to the big day. 

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  • deco2.jpg
    Painted pineapple center piece 

    What you’ll need:

    • Pineapples
    • Acrylic paints
    • Foam brushes
    • Paint brushes
    • Tarp or kraft paper
    • Sunglasses (optional)

    What you’ll do: 

    1. Use the foam brush to get a good base of paint on the stems. 

    2. Take the smaller brushes to fill in the smaller, harder to reach areas of the stems.  

    3. Leave them to dry overnight.

    4. Once dry, add sunglasses to add some character to your pineapples!

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    Hibiscus flower poms

    What you’ll need: 

    • Tissue paper
    • Scissors
    • Brown pipe cleaner

    What you’ll do:

    1. Take eight sheets of tissue and stack them. Fold the tissue into 1 ½ inch wide, accordion folds. Make sure you crease the tissue with each fold.

    2. Twist the brown pipe cleaner around the center of the folded tissue paper.

    3. Cut the end of the tissue into round or pointed ends.

    4. Carefully, pull each layer one at a time away from the center and tah-dah you've got cute little decorations!

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by Kelsie Ahern | 2/1/2016