How to throw the *best* indoor-camping bash


Camping is great because it's a chance to hang with friends or family without the distraction of smartphones or schoolwork or TV. It's the perfect bonding opp, and there is *never* a dull moment. Unfortunately, camping isn't really ideal in January. As much as we love snow, sleeping in it doesn't sound like such a fun time. Luckily, we've got a new version of camping that'll make this fun pastime available to you all year longtake it inside!

Stove-top s'mores
Everyone knows the *real* reason to go camping is for these gooey goodies. Sure, half the fun of s'mores is roasting the marshmallow over an open fire, but a gas stove can produce similar results. If that isn't available, here's a way to evenly melt your marshmallows in the microwave. If all else fails, there's always marshamllow fluff!

Camp games
When you're in the great outdoors, you have to make your own fun, so recreate that at home by shutting off the electronics and challenging each other to a night of camp games. You could play Apples to Apples, Monopoly or another board game, a card game like Rummy or an age-old camp classic like werewolf.

It may be too cold for a walk around the block, not to mention a scenic hike in the mountains. Instead of trying to brave the cold, do group or partner yoga with your gals! With a website like, you'll feel like you're surrounded by nature. 

Makeshift campfire
Gather around the fireplace (or a candle, no judgement) for some stories, songs or even truth or dare. The important thing is to spend time with your pals, talking and laughing. It's way more interactive than just watching a movie, and sitting in a circle ensures *everyone* is included.

Trail mix to go
In lieu of your typical party favors, send guests home with a jar of trail mix (you know, for when they actually do hit the hiking trails). Set up a station where they can mix their own and include all the necessary fave like different nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, seeds and of course, M&Ms.

Do you have any tips for camping indoors? Share with us in the comments! 

Photo credit: Instagram, Evermine.

by Julia Bonney | 1/5/2017