Host a super festive Day of the Dead party

Halloween isn’t the only holiday in October that involves dressing up and a *ton* of sweet snacks. In Mexico, they celebrate Dia de los Muertos aka Day of the Dead. On this joyous day, everyone prays for and celebrates the friends and family that they have lost. Here’s how you can throw your own Day of the Dead celebration...bring on the sugar skulls!

Play up the theme by asking your friends to come dressed as spooky (or silly or sweet) skeletons. There are tons of amazing skull makeup tutorials on YouTube, could even give each other makeovers at the party. 

Get creative with the faces you draw on these super easy lanterns. Your after-dark decor will be *so* lit (pun intended, heh).

Any sugar skull costume isn't complete without a gorgeous flower crown. Have your partygoers make them for themselves or use them as a prop for a photo booth.

No, you're *definitely* not too old for a pinata. DIY your own, then stuff it with all your fave candy or some fun party favors. 

Decorate your house with this super colorful garland. You could also set up a station where guests could make their own skull. Just print out a bunch of skull shapes on plain white paper and put out colored pencils and markers.

For your vegetarian friends, set out this adorable sugar skull hummus platter. You can use raw veggies, tortilla chips or pretzels as delicious dippers.

Pizza may not be Mexican, but having your guests make their own personalized skull is so fun, we don't even care.

Wrap them up as a party favor or serve them as a dessert, these cinnamon cookies are as yummy as they are totally on theme.

This sweet skull really takes the cake (wink). Ask your BFF to come over early to help decorate it with sprinkles and candies.

What do you think of this Day of the Dead themed party? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest, YouTube

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by Bella Torres | 10/31/2017