Everything you need for the *ultimate* Galentine's party

Valentine's Day is this week and you don't have a date...but it's a-OK. Why? Because we have Galentine's Day, duh.

Female friendships are just as important and character building—if not more!—than actual romantic relationships. It's *so* important to celebrate the leading ladies in your life, so why not throw a li'l bash to do just that? 

Here's everything you'll need...

Amazing invites
First things first, ask your parents if you can throw the party. Once you have the rent's permission, you can invite all your BFFs. Make these super cute heart invites with the when, where, and what with free paint chips at the hardware store and a heart hole punch. The best part? Your guests can repurpose these as bookmarks.

Darling decor
Obv you're going to be using pink and red everything, but spice it up with some fun metallics, like silver and rose gold. Pick up red, pink and glittery balloons from your local party store. For a cute centerpiece, buy fake roses and put them in vases around your house. If you want your party to be picture perfect, set up an area where you and your friends can take cute photos complete with backdrops, balloons and fun cut outs!

Pro host tip: Have plenty of fluffy pillows and blankets around your house. Because 1) Who doesn't love something soft to snuggle with? and 2) You'll need them if your guests decide to sleep over. 

Fab food 
The best part of any party is the food. Ask your parents to order some heart shaped pizzas (they're totally a thing!) and pick up some snacks like a veggie platter or chips. If you're feeling adventurous, try to make a V Day-themed cake or cupcakes with red and pink frosting. You can also always buy sweets from your local supermarket if you're not a pastry whiz. And if all else fails, chocolate covered fruit is always a favorite at parties! No matter what, this delicious pink punch is a *must.*

Gal pal games
The last step is to pick out activities for you and your friends to do!

Girl power karaoke: Sing your heart out to your fave girl power groups like Little Mix, Fifth Harmony and Destiny's Child. Have your friends pair off into groups, pick a song, make some dance moves and whoever has the best performance wins!

BFF charades: Act out iconic BFFs (Betty & Veronica, Serena &  Blair, Monica & Rachel) with a partner and have the rest of the group guess. Whichever group gets the most correct wins!

Fierce femme films
End your Galentine's Day by watching all the best fierce female films like Mean Girls, Bring it On and Legally Blonde and munching through your favorite sweets. 

Party or no party, tell you girls you heart them this Galentine's Day (Feb. 13)—and every day!

What are you up to this Galentine's Day? What do you look for in a friend? Sound off below!


by Ashlin Bird | 2/10/2019