Everything you need for a fab Friendsgiving

The holiday season is *finally* arriving, and November is getting us ready for what's to come. Thanksgiving is a time for acknowledging the lives and sacrifices of the Native people who brought up the country from its roots, and also recognizing the things that we are most grateful for in the present.

One of the best ways to show your friends how much you heart them? With a Friendsgiving. We've put together the ultimate list of tips to have the best Friendsgiving ever.

1. Get prepared
It's all fun and games until someone forgets the cups and plates. Stock up your place before you have your gang over—you'll save yourself a *ton* of time and stress if you have the utensils and serving items before the food is ready! Paper plates and plastic utensils are the easiest to clean up, but make sure you recycle if you're looking to be eco-friendly during your Friendsgiving adventures. 

2. Make the night a potluck
You can't be expected to make *all* of the food yourself. Thanksgiving is hard work, and without proper coordination, Friendsgiving can be even harder. Break out a list and divide it into categories, like side dishes (those mashed potatoes are calling your name), desserts (how could you forget the pies?) and the main courses, like ham or turkey. Then, assign a dish to each friend or pair of friends—ecause everyone knows cooking is best done together!

3. Don't forget the games
Get the party started with things you already have at home: your Spotify playlists, a deck of cards, some board games, etc. Friendsgiving is about more than just the food! And you're going to want to spend some quality time with the people you love before *and* after sitting at the dinner table together.

4. Capture all the moments
These sort of events only happen once a year, and you are *so* going to want photographic evidence of all the fun things you did with your friends. Maybe you have a friend who has a knack for taking pics with their camera, you prefer using your iPhone for major photo ops or you want something printed right before your eyes with an instant camera.

What's your best Friendsgiving memory? Share it with us below!

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by Logan Potter | 11/9/2018