Celebrate July 4th in style with these *amaze* decorating ideas

The 4th of July is just around the corner, but don’t let the fireworks above steal the show!  Independence day is the perfect time to decorate in red, white and blue. Whether you’re grilling and chilling outside, or streaming a fireworks show from the couch, adding a little flair to your surroundings will make your celebration that much more fun. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are some *amaze* decorating ideas to draw from.

A Star-Spangled Hideaway


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Make the most out of your decor by packing it into one star-spangled setting, like the table in the pic above. Banners aren't just for indoors, either. Feel free to hang one on your fence or between two trees. Last but not least, a detailed tablecloth ties this hideaway together.

An Elegant Dinner Party


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The white tablecloth and chair dressings help to balance out the more chaotic colors associated with Independence Day. Peep the white roses acting as the centerpiece. Plus, take a cue from the pic above and use flags alongside (or instead of) flowers in your vases.

All About Balloons


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Balloons are a fun, eye-catching decoration that can add playfulness to an otherwise traditional setup. Mix it up with bold colors and stars like the decorator above, or go for personalized July 4th balloons with slogans and art. Be on the lookout for wood-block letters like the ones in the pic—bonus if they're red, white and blue.

Starry Night


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This classy tea party is adorned with laser-cut stars. But if you don't have a laser-cutter (like, um, most people) you can get crafty and make your own paper stars. If you're interested in a bouquet as a stunning centerpiece, take a page from this pic and mix up orange, blue, and white flowers for a dreamy arrangement. 

Fourth On The Farm


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Grab your wood crates and glass-bottle Coca-Cola, this is a farmhouse Fourth! These rustic pieces of Americana (along with, say, a bowl of apples like the one in the pic above) are sure to make your celebration feel cozy. Don't forget dessert—guests are sure to drool over a sprinkle-coated cake.

A Festive Front Door


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No need to rearrange any furniture or mow the lawn. Instead, buy or create a wow-worthy wreath and adorn your door with all the shiny Fourth of July decor you can find. Small flags, garland, flowers, and bows will make your door the prettiest sight in the neighborhood.

Which of these decor ideas is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

Title Image: Iliana Ingram/Hampton Roads Newborn Photography


by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/3/2020