Socially distanced activities to make the most of Labor Day weekend

Monday, September 7 is Labor Day. After an extended period in our homes, there's no better excuse to go outside and hang with the people we love than during a three-day weekend. Big groups and mask-free gatherings are still off the table, but there are some activities out there that are both fun and social-distancing friendly. Read on to start planning your *best* Labor Day weekend yet.

Get grilling


Grilling is the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer. Not only does it bring all the warmth and flavor of a hot day into a sizzling lunch, but it can easily be contained in your backyard. Set up tables and chairs for your fam to relax while Dad or Mom flips burgers and hot dogs on the flame. Plus, peep our bbq recipes for ideas on what else to make and blast some music to make it feel like a real celebration.

Host a backyard screening


New movie you've been dying to stream? Take it outdoors for a DIY drive-in experience, no car required. Spread out some blankets six feet apart on the lawn and pop everyone their own bag of popcorn. If you're inviting one or two friends, you can ask them to bring their own candy to avoid sharing. That way, everyone gets to snack on what they like while enjoying the movie together.

Dine out(doors)


While some states have reopened restaurants for dine-in service, many are running on either curbside pickup or patio dining. Find a restaurant in your area and use Uber Eats or Postmates to get it delivered, or don your mask and your cutest dress to go out to eat. Just weigh the risks if the restaurant is crowded. Make sure to double-check if they're open on Labor Day, too—some restaurants are closing for the holiday to avoid encouraging big gatherings.

Game on


There's no better way to bond with your fam than a little friendly competition. Bring out a new board game or dust off an old favorite. Whether you're playing one-on-one or in teams, you'll have fun scoring points and learning new things. If your fam is more tech-inclined you can even play a video game together. Just remember to keep things friendly and not take the competition to heart.  

Hit the beach


Some counties are closing beaches for Labor Day weekend, but if there's an open one near you, make it a beach day. It's one of the last chances to soak up summer rays and get a cute swimsuit pic for the gram. As long as you're staying six feet apart, wearing your mask, and avoiding germ havens like stair rails or trash cans, you should be in the clear.

Go digital


Maybe your parents live far apart, or your siblings just moved into their college dorm. Don't let the distance stop you from getting together. The healthiest, safest way to celebrate during the pandemic is online. Get the group together to play a game on Zoom or host a watch party. Even if their images are pixelated and blurry, you'll get to feel like you're with the ones you love.

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Slider Image: Pexels


by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/5/2020