How to make *your* mini party pop

So you want to have a party, but also want to make sure that the people in your community (and you) are staying safe. The perfect solution to that dilemma? A mini party. Not only do you get to enjoy planning and hosting a party, but you also get to make sure that you aren't getting anyone sick. Follow this guide for the perfect ways to make *your* mini party pop!

Invite your besties

Large gatherings of more than ten or even five people not from the same household are still considered unsafe in most states. While you may be comfortable with larger crowds, that doesn’t mean everyone you invite will be, so for now, we suggest limiting that guest list to a safer number. 

It can be challenging to decide who to invite when you have to limit your numbers, so make a list of people you couldn’t imagine having the party without and a list of people you’d like to invite, but could also imagine waiting until a later date to get together with. We recommend starting with inviting just a handful of people that you couldn’t imagine having the party without and waiting for their RSVP to see if you have room to invite anyone else.

And quick reminder? Virtual gatherings are the safest way to see people—especially if you're hoping to have *lots* of people at once. Consider how you can incorporate virtual attendees or keep a Zoom invite ready just in case you need to go online.

Choose a theme

Parties are *way* more festive (and fun to plan) when they have a theme. Don’t overthink it, just choose something you love and create a theme around it. Here are some ideas to get you started:
One Direction
High School Musical 
Harry Potter
Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, Winter, New Year’s, etc.

Pick your activities
The best part about every party is what you do, obvi. You could choose activities that are fun no matter what, like truth or dare, or go for activities that fit your theme, think karaoke competition if your theme is HSM. Other options include a cookie making competition if your friend group is competitive, a mini fashion show if you could all end up on your school’s best dressed list, or having a painting sesh if your next group outing will be at an art museum. 

Figure out the food
Now for the most important part: what to eat. If you’re hosting your party around the holidays, feel free to bring out the gingerbread cookies or candy canes. If your party has a theme, try to figure out a couple foods that match that theme, it’s the *perf* way to tie your party together. Other than that, be sure to supply the party with a couple staples, like chips and dip, soda, and something healthy, like a veggie platter. Short on ideas? Check out GL's recipe column for amazing inspo!


While you could hit up Party City if you’re in a rush, you can save a lot of money by making the decorations yourself. Get creative by making some adorbs posters that relate to your theme, hanging some DIY paper chains, putting up some fairy lights or just blowing up some good ol’ fashioned balloons. 

Have fun!
Now that you’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to enjoy the party!

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by Emma Eggleston and Serena Sherwood | 11/17/2020