Our definitive guide to throwing the *best* themed tea party

Why, hello there! Want to host a fabulous *and* elegant tea party? From an Alice in Wonderland-themed event to a Japanese ceremony, there's a tea party to suit anyone's taste. Whether you want to Zoom your besties and/or have your family join you for high tea, here are some of our fave ideas for a divine (socially distanced!) tea party that *all* your guests will enjoy. 

English Royal Tea Party 

Whip out your best china, because this stylish tea party is *extra* fancy! If you don't already have a teacup set, this gorgeous one from Amazon will be *perf* for a family high tea. Invite guests (via Zoom ofc!) with invitations designed and printed by Canva.

For the perfect English tea party, Huffington Post recommends you to serve black tea, scones, butter and (ofc!) finger sandwiches. The Huffington Post also informs us that traditional protocol requires we delve into the savory dishes first and indulge on the sweet treats last. Make delicious finger sandwiches (with salmon, cucumbers, brie and more!) following the directions of Preppy Kitchen's recipe. Then, bake scones that even royal tea party guests would envy with this simple recipe. For a complete Downton Abbey level party, have each guest wear a gorgeous veil (which comes in many colors!) from Amazon.


The elegant headpiece will *totally* add coordination to your tea party and make your guests feel like they just attended the Queen's English garden tea party. After planning this high-class event, feel free to play some Baroque music in the background to create the royal courtyard ambiance. 

Whimsical Tea Party

Love the wonderfully whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland? Then this tea party will *surely* transport you into mystical alternate universe. Get Amazon's cupcake centerpiece to place your baked treats. If you want to try Alice's "Drink Me" strawberry squash potion, chessboard sandwiches and cherry tomato toadstools, follow Good Living's delish Wonderland-inspired recipes here.


For table decoration, get this Alice in Wonderland set filled with cups, plates and napkins to complete your whimsical tea party. To add more fun to the party, have a screening of the original Alice in Wonderland movie from Disney and the new Alice Through the Looking Glass (a great Zoom activity to do with friends!) Also, drop some Alice in Wonderland quotes during the party. 

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Want to throw an official Japanese tea ceremony right at your very own home? This Japanese Tea Set from Amazon has a matcha whisk, scoop, matcha strainer and more traditional items and is a must for a *perfect* Japanese tea party. 

According to the Republic of Tea, instead of a teacup, tea is served in special bowls. You should nibble on sweet foods before the strong-tasting green tea. To make *delicious* strawberry mochis (which are a staple to any Japanese tea party), follow this simple recipe or purchase some mochis from your local grocery store.


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Modern Tea Party

Want to throw an upper-class modern tea party that's *definitely* worthy of being hosted in an NYC penthouse? We've got you covered for your modern soiree. To start with, check out this elegant and sleek glass tea set from Amazon. The simple transparent teacups and pot make sure that the attention is focused on the cool and unique types of tea. For this modern party, a variety of teas is *absolutely* necessary. This loose-leaf Heavenly Tea pack gives you options like green tea, black tea, white tea, herbal Tisane, Rooibos and more. If your friends want to join over Zoom, you can mail them some tea bags from this big set. 


For recipes, modern tea parties usually have savory hors d'oeuvres. Try out a yogurt and fruit parfait recipe from Food Network and these toothpick finger food recipes from Brit + Co. With an absolutely *amazing* selection of tea and delicacies, your modern tea party is sure to be a hit!

Which themed tea party do *you* want to throw? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag! 


by Camille Campbell | 2/12/2021