The cutest mini-party for *every* friendship mood


Summer is right around the corner, and after the unpredictability of the past year, I think we are *all* eager for the world to return to normal. As the United States continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, we must continue to follow local guidelines to slow the spread of the virus—even when it comes to hanging with our besties. While mass gatherings still aren't safe in the United States, there are still *so* many ways to beat the social distancing blues and hang with your besties.

Now that most states are allowing small groups of vaccinated individuals to gather, it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind, but make sure to check your local guidelines and talk to your parents before socializing to ensure you continue to make choices that are safe for you and your communitiy.

If you're still searching for ways to safely hang with your friends, look no further, because we’ve rounded up eight mini-party ideas that are perfect for keeping you and your crew entertained all summer long.


The dynamic duo

If you and your bestie have been inseparable for years, you probably feel like there isn't much you don't already know about each other. Even if you think you can't get any closer, nothing beats deepening that relationship by initiating a night of deep conversations and bonding. One easy way to accomplish this is to plan a game night complete with PJs, snacks and question games. Check out this article for a list of questions that will encourage you to open up and dig deeper with your bestie.


The long-distance love

If you and your BFF haven't seen eachother in a year because of the pandemic, you're probably running out of zoom game nights and movies to jointly watch on Netfix party. Need an original idea to spice up your long-distance friendship? Find a time to FaceTime and create playlists that remind you of the other person. Once you've finished crafting your perfect BFF playlist, have a virtual dance party and reminisce on all of the fun memories you've made listening to the songs. 


The terrific trio

You know what's even better than having one bestie? Having three! If your squad resembles the girl gang from Friends, you're in luck, because there are *so* many fun socialization options for you to enjoy this summer. One unique way to engage with your trio is by hosting an IG-worthy crafting party. With three people, there will always be someone available to snap a pic of you in your new beaded necklace while your other bestie is frivolously gluing rhinestones to her bedazzled picture frame. Blast some tunes, gather your supplies and get crafting, because after spending so much time apart, crafting with your BFFs is the perfect way to get silly and let your creative juices flow.


The new girls in town

In a year where meeting new people has seemed impossible, snagging a friend or two of of your never-ending Zoom calls might seem like a feat worthy of celebration. To welcome your new pals into your social circle, invite them over to bake cookies and chat face-to-face. What better way to get to know someone than by iniating a few hours of uninterrupted activity and conversation? Having a designated activity takes the pressure off of first time interactions. Bonus: You'll make lasting memories and, if it goes well, can become a staple of your friendship. Baking parties FTW!


Hometown homies

Do your besties live down the block? If so, you have easy access to friends that will be *thrilled* to get out of the house this summer. For a creative way to bond with your hometown homies, consider having an outdoor movie marathon party complete with snacks, jammies and your fave friends. While watching movies from home can still be a fun way to spend the evening, it's easy to miss the experience of going to the movie theater. By investing in a projector and hanging a sheet in your yard, you can bring the theater—and memories—to you.

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by Claire Hutto | 5/2/2021