How to throw a perfect album release party

If your fave artist is dropping a new album soon, you don't have to stream it on Spotify alone. Instead, you can grab your besties to throw the perfect album release party. Next time Taylor Swift announces she's putting out another re-recorded album, you won't have to dance and cry by yourself. This time you can do it with your friends in style—with the best decor, outfits and more. We've put together a guide for a *killer* album release party.

Coordinating outfits

The best parties are the ones where you get to dress up. Meaning instead of showing up in your classic jeans and T-shirt outfit, you can wear not-so-basic-themed attire. Think about the colors and aesthetics of the artist and their upcoming album. (Consider Olivia Rodrigo: purple is totally the primary color of sour.) When texting your besties, make sure to include the theme in the invitation. Just make sure whatever you pick out is something you can show off your killer dance moves in! 



Now that you know the aesthetics of the upcoming album, decorating will be *super* simple. You can get table cloths, streamers and balloons in that color palette. Do as much or as little as you want—cute vibes help, but jamming out to the music with your pals is the essential part.


DIY photo booth

Who doesn't love an *adorbs* photo op for Insta? Not only can you celebrate with your friends, but you can post on social media about the album too. All you need is a colored table cloth to hang on the wall and letter-banner garlands to customize. Use the letters to write out the album name, and you have a perfect backdrop for photos!


Queue up Spotify

The last and most important step is to grab your speakers and pull up Spotify. Constantly refresh until the album drops—or be ready the next day to obsess over the album with your besties. Whichever you choose, you are sure to have the most jamming time.

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by Kelly Schwint | 4/29/2022