7 activities you *need* to do at your next bestie sleepover

Is there anything better than a Saturday-night sleepover after a week of so much homework and stressful tests? Finally, you have a fun night to relax and hang out with your besties, but none of you can decide what to do. If this sounds familiar at all, we've got you covered! We've found seven (totally not boring) things to choose from for your next bestie sleepover activity. 

1. Spa night

What do your besties plus nail polish and face masks equal? Spa night! You can light your fave candles, watch a good movie or listen to music. (You could even make your own zen playlist to enjoy while you get to relaxing.) What's better than a fun night with your squad from your own room? 

2. Bowling 

Yes, we probably haven't been bowling for years. Trust us when we say it will be more fun than it sounds. If you're in the mood for some friendly competition, you def need to go bowling. And there's good music, themed nights and an arcade.

3. Watch party

Have a fave movie your friends haven't seen (or five)? Is there a series you've been *dying* to watch? Spend your next sleepover having a watch party! Make sure you decide exactly what you're watching first, because we know it can take forever to decide. Get your fave snacks and cozy blanket, throw on some pajamas and get to watching. Watching movies at home with your friends is so fun, especially because you can laugh and talk the entire time with no complaints. 

4. Morning hike

Location, location, location. Try to find a gorgeous hike in your area to do with your besties. If you're really brave, try getting everyone up to watch the sunrise. Plus, it's an opportunity to wear that cute workout fit and get some cute photos. Don't forget to find a good playlist!

5. Art gallery

If you're all for the aesthetic, an art museum is a play to go with. Whether you look at a new exhibit or even take a class if they offer them, you'll have an amazing time. PSA: Most museums close in the early evening, so if you want to do this def, plan on going earlier rather than later.

6. Mini golf or laser tag

If you and your friends are looking for some competition but don't want to bowl, mini-golf or laser tag is a must-add to the sleepover itinerary. And don't worry if you're not the best. We srsly want to know if there's anyone actually good at either. No matter if you win or not, you're guaranteed to have a good time!

7. Jewelry-making 

Calling all crafty girls! Teach your besties to make necklaces, earrings or rings. There are kits and materials at a local craft store or even on Amazon. You could make friendship bracelets by using beads, string or wire. What's cuter than matching jewelry with the whole group? Don't forget to get enough material for everyone!

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by Miriam Riley | 2/25/2022