How to host the perfect viewing party for driving home 2 u

If you, too, are counting down the days until March 25, you can relate to our excitement about Olivia Rodrigo's documentary premiering on Disney+. The film will be giving us a backseat ride through Rodrigo's first album—performances, recordings and all the deets behind the making of our fave summer 2021 songs. Such a momentous cinematographic occasion calls for an equally amazing movie-watch party with your fellow Livies. So, mark your Google Cals, text the gc and prepare to host the perfect viewing party for driving home 2 u. 

Purple, well, everything!


Purple, purple and more purple! Chef some purple popcorn (add a few drops of food coloring to the pot), buy some purple-frosted cupcakes and make everyone Shirley Temples with grape syrup. For decorations, light purple, white and pink balloons with fairy lights and streamers will totally set the mood. Don't forget to set up the *iconic* driver license photo backdrops—you'll need the cute pics for the gram, trust. 

Dress code: Liv's best fits 


Let it be known, no one is getting into the party unless they pass the Rodrigo-vibe check! Have everyone dupe their fave Olivia Rodrigo fashion moment (there are countless for us). For inspo, check out our fashion posts: We duped 5 iconic Olivia Rodrigo outfits and From platforms to Docs, here's how to steal Olivia Rodrigo's shoe game

Sour makeup looks 


Kill some time waiting for the film to drop and alllll the guest to arrive by doing a Sour makeover. Pink lip gloss, pale pink eyeshadow, thin black liner and, ofc, the cutest stickers you are willing to stick on your face. (Check these stickers for inspo!) With your Sour makeup done to the nines, you'll be more than prepared to take a road trip through the creation of the album. 

Get cozy and ready to sing along!

Grab the purple popcorn, some fluffy blankets, every pillow inside the house and snuggle up for this masterpiece of a documentary. The best viewing parties have the most aesthetic setups: Hang up fairy lights, make sure everyone has a comfy seat and set out snacks for the mid-movie-munching. If the weather allows, take the party outside with a white sheet and screen projector! No matter how you plan on watching driving home 2 u, we can guarantee your viewing party with having the perfect vibes for such a stellar night. 

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by Cara Lamina | 3/25/2022