How to throw a karaoke night with your friends

Imagine wanting to go to a karaoke lounge on a busy Friday night, but it's too crowded. You still want the karaoke experience but don't have the equipment for it. Bummer, right? Not quite. It's time to improvise—and we have the perf solution for you and your besties. Get ready to sing your hearts out, DIY-style...

Set the scene

Karaoke lounges aren't complete without bright, colorful lights. Decorate your party space by using LED strips or mini strobe lights. Hang party streamers from the wall for an extra spunky look. (Bonus points for every mini disco ball.)

Snag some snacks

Singing and dancing all night long can be pretty tiring, and belting out the lyrics to your fave songs can stress your vocal chords. Make sure you and your friends stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the night. Also, a good hostess *always* serves her guests. Pizza, cupcakes and popcorn should do the trick.

Curate the queue

Don't own a fancy karaoke machine? That's okay—grab your computer instead. Plug an HDMI cord into your laptop, then connect it to the TV's HDMI port (this allows your screen to appear on the TV). Once it's all set up, open YouTube and pick any song you want. We're thinking an all-night SOUR marathon, but that's just us.

Try out a theme

Just in case you and your besties are stumped on deciding which songs to sing, we have some fun categories to choose from: One Hit Wonders, '90s, Y2K, pop hitsDisney and country. Still can't decide? Pick a few songs from each genre.

Sing the night away

Now that every thing is set up and ready to go, it's time for you and your besties to sing your hearts out! Bust out your Polaroid to capture every amaze moment.

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by Nadia Payne | 9/11/2022