Great PJ Party Games!

Sick of the same old sleepover routine? Movies…pizza…makeovers…pancake breakfasts…you get the point! Spice up your sleepover with these crazy 'n' fun games. You can switch them up any way you want and customize them to be the perfect fit for you and your BFFs. 

Need some help picking who should be “it”? Here are some cool suggestions:

-    person with the longest hair
-     person with the shortest hair
-    person with the longest fingernails
-    oldest
-    youngest


Got a big group of girls? Piggly-Wiggly is the perfect party game. Pick one friend and
have her go out of the room for two mins while everyone gets under blankets or into sleeping bags (better if its not their own). 

Have the friend come back in and tap each sleeping bag or blanket and say, “Piggly-wiggly,” the girl under the blanket replies, “Oink-oink.” The “it” girl tries to guess who is under the blanket. If they guess right, the girl comes out, if she doesn't the girl stays under the blanket. The last person under her blanket wins!

Crazy Dress-Up

This is a contest to see who can dress up the funniest! Take a ton of clothing (try borrowing old stuff from you ‘rents to make it extra ridiculous) and put it in a separate room. Choose three girls as “judges.”

One girl then goes into the separate dressing room and has 90 seconds to come up with the craziest outfit possible. Find some cool music to play, so when the girls come out the can model the outfit like they’re out on the catwalk. Who wins? Whoever the judges think has the craziest get-up?

The Sleepover Slipper Match-up

Collect all the players’ slippers (or shoes if you didn’t bring slippers), and place them in the center of the room. On the word “Go” all players race to grab their slippers fastest and put them on first!

You can play again and make some changes, like playing blindfolded. Or choose one person to hide them all over the house then go on a slipper hunt!

Hot Potato Nailpolish

Choose a DJ and have her put on a fun playlist. Start passing a bottle of nail polish around until the DJ stops the music. 
When the music stops the person holding the nail polish has to paint as many toenails as they can until the music starts again. Keep playing until someone has all their toenails painted!

-Ashley Barrett 


by GL | 2/1/2016