Host Your Own Photo Shoot Slumber Party!


There's nothing better than being able to look back at pics of you and your BFFs having the best time ever. Want to mix those pics up a li'l bit? Host your own makeover 'n' fashion photo shoot where you and your girls get to play the stars. Use the pics to make your own scrapbook and keep these memories forever!

STEP 1: Gettin' Set To Be On Set

Before the party ask each girl to bring any size scrapbook (or a binder with some sheet protectors), a pair of scissors, some stickers, lots of colorful papers, tape (or glue), glitter, markers and anything else they would want to have in their scrapbook. Don’t forget to get yours before the party too!

(**If you have a disposable cam, each girl can bring a couple bucks and you can shop for these things while you wait for your photos to develop. Make sure you ask your ‘rents first though).

STEP 2: Get Dressed 'n' Diva-fied

Pull out your chicest clothes, and ask your BFFs to bring theirs over too.  Do your make up like you’re the next superstar about to come down the red carpet, or look like you're gettin' ready to shoot a rad new music video. Choose a rockin' outfit to match your makeup.

You could even dress up as your fave starlet!

STEP 3: Flashing Lights

Let the photo shoot begin! If you have a digi cam, take as many pics as you like. Turn on some pump-up music, have a mini dance party and snap up a storm. The more photogs you have, the better the selection for your scrapbooks.

If you have a disposable cam, be a little more careful with the pics you take. Since you've got a limited amount of film, make sure you get every girl in at least a couple pics. And take turns playing photographer so everyone gets equal face time.

STEP 4: Play Photo Editor

Once you've got enough pics, load 'em on to your comp. You and your BFFs can edit out your faves (and the funnies!) for your scrapbook selection. Then, it's time to print away. Make sure your print enough copies for each girl at the party!

If you have a disposable cam, this is the time when you need the ‘rents to drive you and your girls to the store to develop those photogs.

STEP 5: Book It

Get all your supplies together and start cutting out the pics the way you would like, keeping or taking out the backgrounds. Cut the photos out in different shapes, leave them as is or collage them together.

Place the photos on the paper where ever you want them and stick them down with tape or glue.

STEP 6: Snazzify That Scrapbook

Add stickers, glitter, paint or anything you want to make your book look sooo YOU! Write captions for the photos (serious or silly!). Include any inside jokes or fun memories that you have with your BFFs.

In the morning serve up some breakfast and share your scrapbooks (after you're done eating of course. Wouldn't want to smudge syrup on those chic scrapbooks ya made!).

-Ashley Barrett


by GL | 2/1/2016