Host the ultimate study party

Got midterms coming up? Studying solo can be sooo boring. Say sayonara to stress and lonely library seshes by throwing a study soirée!

Yep, believe it or not the right answer is that you CAN have fun with your friends while you hit the books. Here's how!

Who to Invite

Decide what subject you need to study for (ex. English, math or science). The obvious invites should go to your best pals in that class. But the best thing ‘bout study parties is they give you the chance to make some great new friends, too! Ask the smartest chica in the class if she wants to stop by, get to know the girl you sit next to better and use it as an excuse to have that hottie three rows back over to your casa. Awesome!

Activities & Games

Time to spice up studying! We’ve got new takes on cramming that will keep you occupied and having a blast.


Pick five different categories from the subject. Use flash cards and write different questions on the back of the flash cards. Come up with five or so categories that pertain to the info you're studying (so, your math class could have: fractions, division, algebra, statistics, etc.), On the front, label the flash cards 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500. As the amount of points increase the questions should get harder. You can tape the flash cards up to the wall as if they're on a board. Divide into two teams and take turns answering different questions. Who will be the winner?

Act it Out
Split up into groups of three-four people. Assign each team a different topic from the unit. For example, in English each group would have a different novel or chapter of the novel. Then give everyone enough time to come up with their own skit,  making it as specific as possible. Once the groups are all set, everyone will perform their act for the others. The other teams will have to guess what the group was assigned. When each of the mini-plays are done, the group can talk about their unit and answer any questions.

Study Buddy
Sometimes the best way to study is one-on-one. It's totally easy to grab a partner and review some of the content. You could test each other with flashcards, or simply share what you've got on your study guides. Another great way to study is to each create your own quiz of 10 or so questions. Once you’ve written up the quiz, switch with your partner (without the answers) and take each other’s tests (no peeking!). 

Brain Food
Whenever you study, you always need the best snacks to keep you energized and focused. Here are some yummy foods to keep you on track for that A+!

A trail mix is perf to tote in a bag to the library or a study sesh. You can also serve up a bowl at your part-ay.

Serve spruced-up salsa and multigrain nacho chips as a fun ‘n’ tasty party snack. Ole!

Satisfy any sweet tooth (and stay healthy!) with Banana Oat Muffins.

Or, take traditional trail mix for a twist with these Trail Mix Cookies.

Here are some foods that are known for providing you with an extra boost of energy! Put these treats out in bowls so your study buddies can grab a few whenever the urge strikes.



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by Eryn Greaney | 2/1/2016